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It's Kind of a Funny Story...

I ran screaming out of Narnia because that place is scary, got lost in Middle Earth as they tried to recruit me for their aimlessly walking cult, kidnapped Harry Potter, comandeered the Black Pearl but with the captain still on board, met Kristen Stewart and caught a few Taylor Swift Concerts before getting chosen as tribute for the Hunger Games, and now I'm hiding out in Forks. Okay? Okay.

→ THG/HP parallel: death

you are one fucked up son of a bitch

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So It’s 2AM so naturally i’m voting for the People’s Choice Awards

And they want me to pick a fandom. A fandom. As in ONE.

They want me to pick from:
-Harry Potter
-The Hunger Games
-Pirates of the Caribbean


This is cruel and unusual punishment!

My mantra right now

Black Clouds Are Behind Me
I Now Can See Ahead
Often I Wonder Why I Try
Hoping For An End
Sorrow Weighs My Shoulders Down
And Trouble Haunts My Mind
But I Know The Present Will Not Last
And Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder
It’s True I’ve Seen It Before
A Brighter Day Is Comin’ My Way
Yes Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

Today I’ve Cried A Many Tear
And Pain Is In My Heart
Around me lies a somber Scene
I Don’t Know Where To Start
But I Feel Warmth On My Skin
The Stars Have all Aligned
The Wind Has Blown But Now I Know
That Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder
I Know I’ve seen it before
A Brighter Day Is Coming My Way
Yes Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

A Brighter Day Is Coming My Way
Yes Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

Does anyone play The Hunger Games Adventures on Facebook and want to be friends?

I have like no friends and I desperately need goods!!!!

message me and we can exchange facebook goodies if you are interested! 

Sometimes things happen to people and they are not equipped to deal with them - Katniss Everdeen, Catching Fire

Hunger Games in Gif Form

1. Open your gifs folder
2. Use every fourth gif
3. Thoughts in italics

You on the morning of the reaping:

Yup…pretty much
Waiting for the names to be called:

That’s pretty accurate

Your Reaction when your name is called:

haha I just sit there and dumbly sit until they throw the paper at me

What you think of the other tribute from your district:

I guess I find them annoying or something lol

Saying goodbye to your friends and family:

Mom….Kathryn’s cracked! 

First thing you do on the Tribute Train:

Hmmm…I thought this would have come a bit later on

Reaction to the other tributes:

Give those bitches the evil eye

What you think of the Capitol:

What you think of your stylist:

I’m not sure how to interpret this 

How you feel during the tributes parade:

Yea I’m gonna kiss your ass so you all give me sponsors!

Reaction to your score:

I guess I decided to dance with my fellow tribute

During your interview prep:

I guess I love them

Your Interview:


How you spend your last night before the games:

I have everyone

Waiting in the launch room:

You during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia:

hahaha yup! im grabbing a bag and peacing out!

Your reaction when someone asks to be allies:

I guess I think they are going to betray me and carve things in my arm

What you do for most of the games:

bahahaha yup!

The first time you kill someone:

well at least im being friendly

You when the other tribute from your district dies:

I guess I was trying to make them feel better…

How you feel when you win:

How you greet your stylist and mentor:

well then…

You during the replay of the Hunger Games:

The first thing you do when you get home:

i survived the hunger games and i’ll ride a hippogriff if i want to!

I am from: District: 12
At the Cornucopia I: Grab a bag and head for the woods
My Weapon is: A bow
I am teamed with: Glimmer
I am killed by: Mutts
I rank in at: 2nd

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