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It's Kind of a Funny Story...

I ran screaming out of Narnia because that place is scary, got lost in Middle Earth as they tried to recruit me for their aimlessly walking cult, kidnapped Harry Potter, comandeered the Black Pearl but with the captain still on board, met Kristen Stewart and caught a few Taylor Swift Concerts before getting chosen as tribute for the Hunger Games, and now I'm hiding out in Forks. Okay? Okay.


ride the LOL EXPRESS: funny pictures, LOL pictures, funny gifs

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Day 198 - Marina

What a perfect day to take the jet ski out on the lake!


Day 199 - Day at the Lake

Today has been such a great day at the lake. Thanks for sharing it with me!



Corgi and Queen made completely out of Legos.

Photos by Steph A

I need one of Pudge

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I need new material on my dash!

I need some new stuff on my dash! So if you follow me I will follow you back! 

I like/post about:

  • Harry Potter (everything)
  • Twilight (Everything)
  • Hunger Games (everything
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Bones
  • Taylor Swift
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Divergent
  • Johnny Depp
  • Disney (EVERYTHING)
  • Animals
  • Photography
  • Random funny shit
  • And tons of other stuff!

Also currently as I am planning a wedding I will probably start posting a lot of wedding stuff/comments 


I just want to hurry and finish school so that I can start working and bring in as much money as I can to contribute. I don’t even feel like an equal in the relationship sometimes and I hate that. I feel like I’m seen as a dependent and child like in many aspects especially when it comes to money. I just want to have a job where I can help support us and everything will be happy. 




to this day i still don’t know what DS stands for

dual screen

youve ruined everything

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We’re so fancy #classy

Ok fine if you must #animals #dogslife

Ok fine if you must #animals #dogslife

No! Don’t take my picture! I’m far too beautiful for you mere peasants #animals #dogslife

#tbt to Florida 2004!!