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It's Kind of a Funny Story...

I ran screaming out of Narnia because that place is scary, got lost in Middle Earth as they tried to recruit me for their aimlessly walking cult, kidnapped Harry Potter, comandeered the Black Pearl but with the captain still on board, met Kristen Stewart and caught a few Taylor Swift Concerts before getting chosen as tribute for the Hunger Games, and now I'm hiding out in Forks. Okay? Okay.

Had a fun day at the #renaissancefestival

Got my hair did at the #renaissancefestival

Now let us take a #selfie at the #renaissancefestival


can’t stop laughing at how accurate this is 😂

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La Tour Eiffel | ( by Isabell K. )

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Caption contest! #dachshund #caption

#fall #virginia #reston

I’m a dog bed apparently #dachshund




*at a party*
this bass is wild!



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